Grooming Report

  Run / Trail Open? Groomed?
Sugar Lump Quad Chair
Easiest Beaver Trail Open Groomed
Advanced Borderline Open Ungroomed
Easiest Fairweather Open Groomed
Advanced Fenwick - Wilson's Prospect Open Groomed
More Difficult Hulton's Hollow Open Ungroomed
More Difficult Jones Open Ungroomed
More Difficult MacLeod's Open Groomed
Advanced Smith's Slide Open Ungroomed
More Difficult Tenning's Trail Open Groomed
Advanced Terrain Park Open Ungroomed
Eagle Double Chair
Easiest Baldy Trail Closed Ungroomed
More Difficult Burn Baby Burn Closed Ungroomed
Advanced C.D. Closed n/a
More Difficult Chix Dig It Closed Ungroomed
More Difficult Dividend Closed Ungroomed
Advanced Forney's Closed n/a
Advanced Honky Tonk Closed n/a
More Difficult J. J. Short Cut Closed Ungroomed
Easiest Jolly Jack Closed Ungroomed
Easiest Lower Cabin Trail Closed Ungroomed
Advanced Maverick Closed n/a
More Difficult Ponderosa Closed Ungroomed
More Difficult Powder Keg Closed Ungroomed
Advanced Rock Star Closed n/a
Advanced Shaft, Lower Closed Ungroomed
Advanced Shaft, Upper Closed Ungroomed
Advanced Southridge Closed n/a
More Difficult Southwinds Closed Ungroomed
Easiest Upper Cabin Trail Closed Ungroomed
Easiest Southridge Trail Closed Ungroomed
Easiest Stem Winder Closed Ungroomed
Magic Carpet
Easiest Big Easy Open Groomed
Other Activities
Easiest Toboggan Area Closed Ungroomed
Easiest Frisbee Golf Open n/a
Mt. Baldy Nordic Centre
Advanced Upper Village Nordic Access Trail Open Ungroomed
More Difficult Prospector Nordic Loop Open Ungroomed
Advanced Rustler Nordic Loop Open Ungroomed
Advanced Little Trapper Nordic Loop Open Ungroomed

Monday, March 02, 2015

Murphy's Law,  Yep we got 5cm snow today in squalls. It should stay around till Friday?

                 Ski-Ya Friday





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